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  • Millennials vs. Old School – Some lessons we can all learn.

    Sometimes it’s as simple as listening, much can be learnt through a conversation but much is lost through our addiction to our phones and constant worry about the near future. That small moment you take from your life to listen can provide you with some of the most valuable knowledge that you will hold throughout […]

  • Tip: Use your calendar as your to do list.

    We all do it… You get to the start of the next week and build your next to do list and you realise that you’ve already got ‘today’, ‘urgent’, ‘to-do’, ‘tasks to be complete’ and you go to add to them and end up just starting a new one… It’s overwhelming when you see 100+ […]

  • The art of being a practical co-founder.

    The world needs creatives and the world needs doers, but most importantly the world needs creative doers. When I first ventured into business, I was incredibly creative and I based my entire shoe company on the ignorance is bliss technique. The ignorance gave me the leverage to be extremely creative and design completely unique shoes, […]


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