“Little Tokyo Two is the brainchild of Jock, who believes that Brisbane has the potential to be the most incredible city in the world.”

Jock Fairweather spent his idyllic and adventurous childhood years in Papua New Guinea and the Philippines then made the move to Brisbane for his high-school education. Europe was beckoning loudly. For the last seven years, Jock has travelled the globe socialising with some of the world’s most famous fashion designers and built a women’s luxury shoe label that broke records within the high fashion industry. After parting ways with his brand and a Swiss equity group, Jock is back in Brisbane building ‘co-working’ businesses where people from all walks of life have access to his Little Tokyo Two spaces to collaborate, innovate and build their dreams. 

In just one year, Little Tokyo Two has over 250 members, recently won two major tenders and is known as the workspace with the most inclusive, inviting and relaxed culture. Jock’s objective is to innovate, build and strengthen Brisbane’s business community to a 24/7 buzzing city where entrepreneurs have access to an educated network of quality people. These future leaders, in their respective fields, will be utilized to expand into the under-resourced ‘third world’ where he hopes to re-create the benefits of co-working, inspiration and community building.

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Jocks life goal is to reinvigorate the entrepreneurial spirit of Brisbane and to create one global network of educated good people.



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